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Links to Information about Dyslexia

Our Head Teacher and dyslexia-specialist teachers are always prepared to discuss dyslexia and related issues with parents.   Our Library contains a number of books on the subject of specific learning difficulties and parents are welcome to take out books of interest to them.

The following sites may prove helpful but Moon Hall School does not necessarily endorse information found on them at any given time.

- The British Dyslexia Association - www.bdadyslexia.org.uk
- CReSTed - www.crested.org.uk

- Dyslexia Action - www.dyslexiaaction.org.uk
- The International Dyslexia Association - www.interdys.org
- Dyslexia-Information.com - www.dyslexia-information.com
- Being Dyslexic.co.uk - www.beingdyslexic.co.uk


These sites are designed particularly for dyslexic children and young people:

- I Am Dyslexic.com - www.iamdyslexic.com
Excellent U.K. site, produced by Barnaby Blackburn (born 1989!)
- Student Information from Being Dyslexic
- www.beingdyslexic.co.uk/information/students.php
- Dyslexic Information for Young People (U.S.) - www.ldteens.org