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Full time fees at Moon Hall School
(any increases come into effect in the September of each year)

September 2016 - 2017

Pupils in Years 3 and 4: £6,265 per term
Pupils in Year 5 and 6: £6,515 per term

Weekly Boarding:
payable to Belmont School (Flexi boarding fees available)

Fees cover the cost of salaries, basic overheads, equipment and facilities at MHS together with an element for the use of certain facilities at Belmont.

Small group teaching, individual lessons where necessary, and highly qualified staff mean that costs are very high. However, every effort is made to keep fees as low as possible whilst maintaining standards. We are extremely competitive compared with other specialist schools for dyslexic children.

Moon Hall School and Belmont School are both registered charities and thus non-profit making. Neither is subsidised externally in any way and so all costs must be covered by fees.

MHS timetabling is complex and can only be effected when the Belmont timetable is complete. Although we aim to send out our invoices at the end of the Summer term, if information is not to hand, we occasionally have to send them during the Summer holidays.


Extra charges are payable for items such as:

•   Individual stationery.
•   Outings.
•   Insurance.
•   Optometry.
•   Extra activities, requested by parents and usually organised by Belmont - such as music lessons, seasonal sporting courses, etc.
•   Entry fees for external examinations such as O.C.R. typing examinations etc.
•   Speech & Language Therapy – currently £600 per term.
•   Occupational Therapy – currently £600 per term.